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All course offerings are dependent upon teacher availability, enrollment, space and scheduling.

Weighted English Courses – Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment 

The vast majority of colleges look favorably upon applicants who have completed a course of study including one or more advanced classes.  At King George High School, Honors English, Advanced Placement English, and Dual Enrollment English are weighted.  Weighted courses are given additional quality points toward the students’ grade point averages (see Weighted Courses information on page 9).  This weight is given to avoid discouraging students from taking more challenging courses simply because they fear endangering a grade point average.  Students and their parents should realize that this advantage DOES reflect the challenge both in the course content and in the rigorous workload inherent in weighted courses.

ENGLISH 9 #1130                    

Prerequisite: English 8                                                                                                                                                   

English 9 focuses primarily on short stories, the novel, poetry, mythology, nonfiction, and drama.  Compositions, both oral and written, are integrated with the study of literature, grammar, vocabulary, and mechanics. This course satisfies requirements necessary to prepare a student for a job or for higher education upon graduation.

ENGLISH 9H #1130H                                                                                                                                                                  

Prerequisite: English 8, Must pass Grade 8 Reading and Writing SOL  

English 9H is a rigorous and challenging course designed for highly motivated students.  English 9H addresses 9th grade SOL objectives and prepares students for later AP and SAT skills through the study of short stories, novels, poetry, drama, mythology, nonfiction, and research skills. In order to reach 9th grade benchmarks, multiple written compositions are integrated with the study of literature, grammar, vocabulary, and mechanics.  Students taking this course must expect demanding amounts of both reading and writing. This course lays the foundations for future English studies.  A main objective of the course is to ensure that students entering the gifted/honors program master the fundamental reading comprehension processes and writing skills that will be used in subsequent courses. Most of the writing will involve interpretation and analysis of the written works studied. Frequently, works chosen for study will focus on a common theme. 

ENGLISH 10 #1140                                         

Prerequisite: English 9

English 10 reinforces the skills taught in English 9.  Compositions, both oral and written, are integrated with the study of literature, grammar, vocabulary, and mechanics. This course satisfies requirements necessary to prepare a student for a job or for higher education upon graduation from high school.

ENGLISH 10H #1140H                                                                                                                                                             

Prerequisite: English 9

English 10H is a challenging experience for the highly motivated student who reads avidly and commits himself to a deeper, more intensive study of literature and writing skills. Thematically driven, this course includes drama, novels, poetry, and stories from an international and multicultural body of literature. In-depth analysis of the Epic Hero, Anti Hero, and Tragic Man is the framework for this course. In formal essays students are expected to analyze critically the literature studied. Both documented essays and research papers are required in this class. Vocabulary, oral communication and SAT skills are also included in this course.

ENGLISH 11 #1150 

Prerequisite: English 10 - SOL/EOC test administered

English 11 focuses on the history and development of the American culture as portrayed through its great writers. It is a course designed to help the student practice expected grammar and usage skills, improve research skills, and study various composition styles. Required writings will incorporate all aspects of this course.  Vocabulary study, oral activities, and outside reading are also integral parts of the course. This course satisfies requirements necessary to prepare a student for a job or for higher education upon graduation from high school.  The Writing SOL is given approximately 6 weeks into the course and the EOC Reading SOL is given near the end of the course.

ENGLISH 11 HONORS #1150H                                                                            

Prerequisite: English 10 - SOL/EOC test administered

This course will offer an extensive examination of American literature covering the span of early America to contemporary times.  It will provide preparation for both the EOC writing and reading/research SOLs, as well as the SAT and ACT standardized tests.  It is a rigorous course which will engage students in becoming skilled readers of prose written in a variety of rhetorical contexts, and in becoming skilled writers who compose for a variety of purposes. Both their writing and their reading should make students aware of the interactions among a writer’s purposes, audience expectations, and subjects, as well as the way genre conventions and the resources of language contribute to effectiveness in writing. Readings will include novels, short stories, essays, speeches, and poetry.  Students enrolling in this class should be seeking to complete the second half, Advanced Placement English and Language in the spring semester.  However, at the completion of the first semester, credit for English 11 will be earned. The Writing SOL is given approximately 6 weeks into the course and the EOC Reading SOL is given near the end of the course.  


Prerequisite:  Honors English 11

College writing programs recognize that skill in writing proceeds from students’ awareness of their own composing processes: the way they explore ideas and draft and revise their work. This experience of the process of composing is the essence of the first-year writing course, and the AP English Language and Composition course will emphasize this process, asking students to write essays that proceed through several stages or drafts, with revision aided by teacher and peers.   This class will continue the study of American literature as we develop skills in writing and rhetoric.  Students will take the AP exam in May.

ENGLISH 12 #1160                                          

Prerequisite: English 11

English 12 introduces the student to the literary works of Britain's and the world's greatest writers from ancient poets to modern novelists. The writings are placed into historical, literary, and cultural perspective. In addition, there will be a review of the student's acquired writing and grammar skills as needed. Emphasis will be placed upon written and oral communication skills and SAT skills. Students will also practice analytical writing and documented essays. This course satisfies requirements necessary to prepare a student for a job or for higher education upon graduation.  A research paper/project is a major part of the grade for this class.

ENGLISH 12 HONORS #1160H                                                                                                                                        

Prerequisite:  English 11

This course is designed as a prerequisite of Advanced Placement English which is offered in the spring or to stand alone as a rigorous course which will prepare the student to discuss and analyze British and World Literature.  An emphasis will be placed on analyzing poetry and prose, which will necessitate a heavy reading and writing load.  Longer works to be studied may include Hamlet, Wuthering Heights, Crime and Punishment, The Metamorphosis, The Stranger, and Grendel.

ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP) ENGLISH 12 #1195                                                                                               

Prerequisite: Honors English 12

Emphasizing analysis, this course is, in nature, similar to a college sophomore English class.  Students will study poetry, prose, and the novel.  Mature writing and analytical skills are necessary. Students need to be confident, independent thinkers. Major works studied include Lord of the Flies, Poisonwood Bible, and A Prayer for Owen Meany.  Students should expect to invest at least an hour per night on their studies.  Students demonstrating proficiency on the Advanced Placement exam may earn up to 6 credits of college credit nationwide.

DUAL ENROLLMENT ENGLISH 12 #1196D                                                                                                         

Dual Enrollment class in agreement with Rappahannock Community College. Students must complete the RCC application located on the last page of this catalog. (ENG 111, 112)

Prerequisite: English 11

A weighted class, Dual Enrollment English 12 focuses intensely on both composition and literature.  The course should develop the student’s writing ability for study, work, and other areas based on experience, observation, research, and reading of selected literature. The student will understand and use the writing process to compose logically developed essays that have a clear focus, that have body paragraphs created by using relevant specific details, and that have a minimum of mechanical errors.  The student will read a variety of major works in novel, drama, poetry, and short story units as well as some nonfiction writings.  These selections, from several different cultures, will be used for literary analysis---both oral and written---and for examination of ideas in order to make informed judgments or to pose additional questions.  Documented essays are required.  A formal presentation is also required.  Please note:  This course is worth 7 college credits and as such, requires a workload that is equivalent to that of a college level course.

ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (ESL) #5710, #5720, #5730, #5731 (Grades 9, 10, 11, 12)   

Prerequisite:  None

These courses are provided for students whose first language is not English and who need extra support/assistance in the English language in order to benefit from classroom instruction in their other courses.  ESL courses will count as an English credit.  11th grade students will be expected to take and pass the English 11 End-of-Course tests in order to earn verified credits.

CREATIVE WRITING I #1171 (Grades 9, 10, 11, 12)

Prerequisite:  None

The course encourages student writing through exposure to various pre-writing strategies, participation in writing exercises, reader-based feedback, responses to published works of varying genres, writing in different literary formats including short story, poetry, drama, and nonfiction, etc. The course should help a student to develop standards for evaluating a piece of creative writing--whether it be his own or another's. A student who chooses this course must be prepared to write every day and for extensive lengths of time, and must be interested in improving their writing by accepting and applying constructive criticism through revision. They must also be able to work successfully independently and in small groups.

CREATIVE WRITING II, III, IV #11712, 11713, 11714 (Grades 9, 10, 11, 12)                            

Prerequisite: Creative Writing I

Creative Writing II, III, or IV is a continuation of the skills developed in Creative Writing I. The course focuses on units in writing poetry, short stories, nonfiction, and drama. Receiving constructive criticism from peers is an essential part of this course. A student who chooses this elective should be focused and motivated and able to complete lengthy compositions by set deadlines. They must also be able to work successfully independently and in small groups.

JOURNALISM I #1200 (Grades 9, 10, 11, 12)                   

Prerequisite: None

This course is designed for students with a serious desire to learn the fundamentals of news writing and the basic techniques involved in publishing a school newspaper. Students registering for the class must be motivated to work hard at gathering information and should have both an interest in and an aptitude for good writing. This class will publish the school newspaper on a regular schedule.

JOURNALISM II, III, IV #1210, 1211, 1212 (Grades 9, 10, 11, 12)                                                                                  

Prerequisite: Journalism I

This course is a continuation of the skills developed in Journalism I. Students in the class will be expected to assume leadership positions and to ensure that practices established for the production of the newspaper continue smoothly from year to year.

PHOTOJOURNALISM I #12150 (Grades 9, 10)      Prerequisite:  Students must submit an application prior to registering for the class.  Applications are available in School Counseling or from the Photojournalism teacher.

This course focuses on photography, interviewing, copy writing, and layout.  Students must take this spring semester course as a prerequisite for Photojournalism II. Skills learned in Photojournalism I will be used to produce the King’s Gallery yearbook in Photojournalism II, III, and IV.  Usually, Photojournalism I students produce the current yearbook’s spring supplement.

PHOTOJOURNALISM II, III, IV #1216, 1217, 1218 (Grades 10, 11, 12)                                           

Prerequisite: Photojournalism I

This course focuses on photography, interviewing, copy writing, and layout.  Second, third, and fourth year students will create the King’s Gallery yearbook. Students will be able to apply for leadership positions (Editor-in-Chief, Copy Editor, Photography Editor, Design Editor, Advertising Editor, etc.)

PUBLIC SPEAKING #1300 (Grades 9, 10, 11, 12)                                                                                                     

Prerequisite:  None

The course will provide instruction in the various forms of public address. Students will be required to demonstrate their understanding by writing and delivering various types of public addresses. Emphasis will be placed on both the oral and physical aspects of delivery.

SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY LITERATURE #1165C (Grades 9, 10) #1165B (11, 12)           

Prerequisite:  None

This course explores tales from traditional mythology to the Golden age of Science Fiction to the present.  The course is divided into two sections:  Section C is for grades 9 & 10, while Section B is for Grades 11 & 12.  This division permits teachers to address developmentally appropriate material for each age group.  Students in these courses will learn about  the basic hero’s journey, Utopia/Dystopia, Science or Magic, humanity’s fears and phobias, mythology past and future, and Science Fiction and Americana.  Some general topics related to history, philosophy, and science are included as needed to supplement the literature. The classes employ a variety of methods, assessments, and formats such as blogs, journals, literature circles, projects, table talks, and web quests.  Materials such as articles from periodicals, novels, short stories, author readings, web sites, current releases, and audio-visual presentations are employed in both courses.  SOL reading and analytical skills are reinforced.  Authors such as Schuster, Rowling, Card, Clarke, Bradbury, Tolkien, Stroud, Lucas, Collins, and Gaimon are featured in these sections.